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About Dona Kahn

About Dona Kahn

Trained, Experienced Mediator Serving New York City

Located in New York City, I am a New York State certified mediator. After many years as a successful litigation attorney, and still a member in good standing of the New York State Bar, my concentration is now on conflict resolution.

I have turned my extensive trial and negotiation experience and skills from litigating jury trials and negotiating settlements in State and Federal courts to mediating various family and community matters.

In mediation, the task is to find consensus, with the goal of meeting each other’s essential needs.


Dona Kahn MediatorSpecializing in Family Mediation

I specialize in mediation in family issues (divorce, visitation, custody, spousal and, child support to name some). I have trained extensively as a mediator and participate in continuing education by taking advanced training courses in various aspects of mediation, especially divorce and family disputes.

Often, disputes between couples who are contemplating divorce, or those already separated or divorced, concerning child and/or spousal support, visitation, custody and equitable distribution of marital property are best resolved in mediation.

Applying Mediation to Business, Neighbor and Employment Conflicts

Mediation in other disputes, including those with neighbors, vendors, contractors, employees or employers can often be resolved without engaging an attorney, to litigate the matter.

Drawing on my extensive experience in the field of employment law, I now consult with companies, non-profits and institutions, as well as individual employees to resolve issues. Consultations can also include a review of proposed layoffs to reduce exposure to discrimination law suits and reviews of proposed severance packages, as well as day-to-day counseling on personnel issues.