peaceful solutions to difficult situations

About Mediation

Mediation’s goal is to assist parties in coming to mutually satisfying solutions amidst difficult circumstances. Unlike the traditional litigation process, mediation can help to avoid the strenuous emotional and monetary costs of litigation.

  1. Mediation allows for the non hostile or confrontational dissolution of a marriage.
  2. In situations where there are children, mediation allows for a less adversarial process. In traditional divorce, two attorneys negotiate each of the issues, often escalating the hurt, hostility and greed.
  3. Mediation offers substantial reduction in the costs of divorce.
  4. Through facilitated dialogue, it is possible to identify the essential needs of the parties, as opposed to the wants.
  5. Mediation provides a way to separate and go forward with dignity.
  6. Mediation can result in a fair resolution of the issues, rather than an outcome that is based on who wins and who loses.
  7. Mediation facilities communication between the parties, rather than confrontations between attorneys who have no emotional stake but rather a financial one. From the lawyers’ perspective, the longer and more bitter the fight, the larger the fees.

If you think your situation can be resolved through mediation, please call me at (917) 415-7581 or email me. We can discuss your situation and set a plan to move forward.