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Family Mediation

Benefits of Custody and Visitation Mediation

Disputes between couples who are contemplating divorce, or those already separated or divorced, are best resolved in mediation because mediation recognizes that the family continues long after the end of the marriage. Court litigation, on the other hand, is likely to be prolonged and expensive, and the resolution imposed by a Judge is not usually to the liking of either party.

As a certified mediator, I work with families to identify the issues which are creating the conflict. My role is to facilitate meaningful dialogue which results in an agreement that is fair and reasonable for all concerned.

Family mediation is a good option for addressing issues such as child support, spousal support, visitation, custody and distribution of property. The negotiation and drafting of the relevant agreement may be accomplished by mediation. In this case the expense for an attorney to finalize the matter is significantly less than it would be if the attorney was to litigate the entire process from negotiation, to drafting, through to the final agreement. (Because a mediator cannot impose a solution, speaking with one will not impact a court decision if the mediation isn’t successful.)

Family Mediation and Child Support
New York has a fairly simple, state mandated method for calculating child support, so why are child support issues often so difficult to resolve? Problems arise when the parties view child support not only as a financial issue, but as an emotional one. Through mediation, issues are raised and dealt with so that the agreements that are reached are more likely to be abided by.

Mediation Serves The Well-Being Of All Parties
The goal of mediation is to arrive at a settlement that maximizes financial savings and fosters cooperation. This process eliminates hostility by providing meaningful communication between the parties. The process is less stressful for children than a battle in court.

What Happens After A Settlement is Reached?

When an agreement is reached, I will prepare a draft of that agreement. If there is a pending court hearing the draft will be presented to the court, otherwise the draft will be given to an attorney representing one of the parties. Although I am an attorney, my practice is now limited to mediation. If appropriate, I will refer you to an attorney to file necessary court papers.

If you are interested in mediation for your family issue, please call me at (917) 415-7581 or . We can discuss your situation and if you’re interested we can set up an appointment to meet.